I build Custom Electric Guitars and Basses to YOUR spec's. YOU choose the type of wood, colors, pickups, shape, bridges, fret size, tuners...everything...for a one-of-a-kind guitar built JUST FOR YOU!!! No more dealing with what the "corporate factories" think you want...I build what you want!!!!! For less than those "corporate" custom shops.

Special Prices Starting Sept. 1st!!!! 

Due to my Wifes' battle with Cancer, and the massive medical bills and other issues we have encountered this year, I have decided to offer a huge discount on the G'Zan Custom Guitars that are already built, and ready to ship, listed in our "Store"..... ALL of the G'Zan Guitars listed, are now discounted $500!!! Please spread the word to anyone you may know who is interested in getting a great guitar!!! (offer does NOT include new build orders)

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